Stone Company SJENPOL - an innovative company featuring the most modern machinery, introducing to the market more and more new products, submitted and protected in the Polish Patent Office.

SJENPOL has 30 years of experience. Our products are distributed throughout Poland and abroad.
Excellent plant equipment, allows the realization of even the most complex projects, including modern illuminated caskets, with the possibility of adjusting to individual customer needs by:

• Selection of any engraving on glass, stone or wood, carried out using modern laser providing photographic effects with accuracy doing photos, portraits, pictures, religious motifs, ornaments, etc.

• Ability to place reliefs in stone, creating beautiful motifs on the surface of the stone casket,

• Any selection of accessories, such as antabs, metal crosses and images,

• Choice of options - hermetic or not.

SJENPOL the company is engaged in manufacturing high quality monuments, tombstones, finishing industrial, interior design elements such as stairs, kitchen countertops, floors, fireplaces, facades, etc.



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