The casket is provided with the internal LED lighting, powered by a rechargeable battery, enabling long-term effect of light (approx. 8 hours, without additional charge).
Strong, tempered glass lid is made of the Venetian mirrors that without back light gives the impression of an ordinary mirror, giving a clear reflection of environment.
Once illuminated, reveals the interior of the casket in an uniquely dignified stage on the last road to eternity.
This unusual feature makes it possible to express respect with the casket closed. The internal light gives the visibility of its interior, allowing one to say goodbye.This creates the peaceful moment for reflection the final moments together.

Another advantage of the burial rite is that the farewell of the deceased can be done at any time, without being restricted with uncomfortable operations of opening and closing the casket.

Most importantly, the internal environment in a hermetically sealed casket without any contact with outside, can be viewed and also preserved for longer time as well.
Back light button located on the outside of the casket, allows anyone to visualize the inside of the casket at any time, in a quick, easy and convenient way.

(Use the switch in the upper right corner of the photo to see the operation of the internal lighting)