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"Peculiar novelty presented at the recently completed Memento Funeral Industry Fair was the casket, which is made of granite down, while the lid was created with tempered glass.

The sarcophagus is available in Stone Company SJENPOL. It's headquarters are in Nosowka near Rzeszów. The casket was made of the natural stone but has a glass lid. To choose a model with a glass or transparent mirror. Depending on the selected materials, the type can cost from 6 to 7 thousand polish zlotych.

The caskets were made of granite or marble, in combination with a strong, tempered glass. They are available in different types and colors of the stone. The sarcophagus has internal illumination, moreover, is also equipped with battery and LED lighting. The manufacturer offers a choice of any engraving on glass or on the surface of granite or marble. The weight of the stone coffin is comparable to that resulting from real oak.

Sarcophagus premiere took place during the Funeral Memento Fairs that were held on 28 - 30 November at the International Fair in Poznan.
The product was filed in the Patent Office on the grant of a patent for an invention. "

"OUR TOWN Poznan"

Memento Poznan Fair 2014

Illuminated and designer caskets

Novelty at the Funeral Fair in Poznan are stone and glass caskets with the internal illumination.

- The bottom is made of granite and tempered glass top - explains Marcin Soltys of Stone Company in Nosowka near Rzeszów. - The the weight of the casket is comparable to a good real oak one.


An absolute novelty this year's Memento Fair in Poznan is granite and glass casket with illuminated interior.




International Funeral Fair, Poznan 2014

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